Gamebau is a young international company that became one of the leading provider of digital content in LATAM and Greater China. Besides publishing, we also provide agency service. Among our partners are companies like, Daybreak, NHN, IGG and many others.

With headquarters in China and operations in Mexico, Germany and Brazil, Gamebau identifies itself as a global company aiming to provide sophisticated digital content to people daily life. Bearing this target in mind, Gamebau established concentration on games, especially for mobile and also Steam. Gamebau works with the co-development of quality titles fully localized for the South America market and Greater China.

Our staff works actively to strengthen the relationship with the players and evolve along with them. Partnerships with successful teams in Brazil as Oktagon games and Kokonut Games in Mexico allow us to act locally in Latin American market, while Partnerships like IGG and Oasis in China allow us to act in the APAC market, enabling us to provide quality and reliability for players. Meanwhile, Gamebau also works with the best professionals in the market to create memorable game experience for our users.