Gamebau represents talented companies around the globe that design, build, support and market video games. From the self-publishing developer to the experienced studio sourcing content funding and best-in-class service providers, Gamebau uncovers new opportunities and helps hone business strategy to meet this ever-changing market. Combining in-person relationships with unparalleled methodology, Gamebau has secured deals on behalf of indies, AAA development studios and IP licensors.


Whether you have a distribution channel or a completed game to sell, Gamebau helps each game maximize its global sales potential. Gamebau works territory-by-territory or worldwide, and brings together the right parties to handle porting, localization, sales, support and marketing. Gamebau has secured distribution deals for games of all sizes that were funded by developers, publishers, crowdfunding platforms and investors.


Gamebau as secured major distribution deals across Europe, LATAM and ASIA. We have a one stop solution to push your games any where in the globe.

Chinese Market

Understanding the fundamentals of the Chinese market is basis for your strategy planning and successful partnership. The heavily regulated Chinese market a licensed local partner is not only convenient, but also mandatory. Gamebau is an expert in all the maters related to Chinese publishing, marketing and distribution. Contact our Agency Services to learn how we can help you with the China regulatory requirements.