The most unique and amazing war game in 2015 - Commander of Toys! The most exciting entertainment experience which brings you back to your childhood in 2015 - Commander of Toys! Commander of Toys is an action-packed strategy-based game in which players play the role of a little kid, commanding toy soldiers to fight against evil toy boss -- Vices. Bedroom, corridor, living room and backyard all become enemy's territories. What are you waiting for? Getting back to those days with childhood charm and leading your toy soldiers to victory!

Key Features

Terrific graphics, bringing you back to your childhood

Commander of Toys will offer you a very particular experience. Bedroom, kitchen and living room become your battlefield. Home appliances and furniture become your buildings. Fight right now with your favorite childhood toys while enjoying the humorous and memorable classic music, another fun addition in this game!

Fantastic combat system and fascinating strategy design

There are a lot of differences compared with regular strategy games. In Commander of Toys, you have the ability to control airplanes as well as other units in the battlefield; Every unit in the game has an armor type and attack type. Each attack type is better or worse versus other armor types; Meanwhile, the attack range will also affect the battle. How to get the best use of hero and units? How to deploy the wall and airplanes? More fun is just waiting for you!

The development system

Apart from leveling up units, upgrading buildings and researching science, the training of hero is also an essential part in this game. The collection of mental from different countries and the upgrading of airplanes will leave you satisfied and entertained.

Finding friends with common interests in the game

You and your friends could join or form a union, debating skills and strategies. You could also enter the arenas, where is full of skilled fighters. These fighters are bred for the rigors of war but seeking riches and recognition. Eventually, you will become the king of toy soldiers. Get ready to rumble!

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