League of Mighty Magic brings you from struggling to defeat a single Goblin to the point where your Heroes are destroying countless waves of enemies on Survival Mode. Should you have 2 ranged heroes, instead of one? Should you balance all elements or focus on a few? These are all question you will have to answer in order to be strongest. Improve your defenses as well as you attack power, build fortifications, forge equipments, create spells and upgrade your to 1, 2, 3, 4 starts and beyond.Gather resources, defeat other players, create and grow your guild and have total control of your destiny.

Key Features

Discover the new continet

A huge map full of misteries to uncover and conquer.

Build your castle

Build a mighty Castle, starting with simple buildings and going to epic buildings.

Real-time PVP

Play with other players in real time, try to be the best in the Arena and in the Map.

Assemble Heroes

Collect many Heroes and Pets, try to be the first to collect them all.